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I've been in Ceuta since last Wednesday. The trip here was fine, but became extremely boring by the time we reached Granada, or at least that's how I felt it. There was a very difficult stage, when I was driving after Inge finished her first turn: she fell asleep in her seat, while I tried to focus on the road, driving very concentrated at the same time I listened to Sigur Rós.Suddenly, their song became a lullaby, and I couldn't help closing my eyes at least 3 times. I finally decided to stop at a petrol station and buy some drink with a bit of caffeine, and I chose an awful warm can of Red Bull, which I definitely think that should be forbidden everywhere in the world. Inge took control and drove from then on, until we reached Algeciras, where the car was supposed to be returned.
The ferry was not as crowded as we expected, and the security was not as hard as we thought, counting on the fact that the authorities were pretty much concerned about the possibility of terrorist attacks on the ferries and the area of Ceuta and Melilla, the two Spanish cities in Moroccan territory.

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Time to leave.

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It's 6:22, so my sis and I are a bit delayed, but everything's ready for the Great Drive.
I'll be back to this space soon.

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Leaving tomorrow. Destination: Ceuta

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I went to a rent-a-car place before, with Inge, to pick up the car we need to go to Ceuta in. It's a Seat Altea. Cool driving, but strange feeling, compared to the car I'm used to drive in Iceland(Can you believe it?: an old 1986 Mitshubishi Lancer!).
The plan is as follows: we'll try to leave Vitoria at around 6am, and then we'll drive in turns of 250kms approximately. The distance between Vitoria and Algeciras is about 1050kms, and it takes about eleven hours to get there. Once there, we'll return the rented car and try to catch the ferry to Ceuta as soon as possible. The Strait of Gibraltar will be the next stage of the trip, but the ferry only takes about 45-50 minutes to cover the distance between Europe and Africa. By then we will have crossed the whole Iberian Peninsula and will have jumped from Europe to Africa.
La chica de la biblioteca has just dissapeared, and I miss her a lot, but that I cannot say because we're both supposed to be tough people. But I'm worried about her, and anxious because I haven't had any news from her for quite a long time. I really hope she didn't get angry at me because of what I wrote about her some days ago, when I first mentioned her in this blog (I wrote it in Spanish, after having gone out with a friend to visit some pubs, so it was a bit confusing).
Manuel wrote me a short message today, from Selfoss, telling me he had seen her at the library, just looking as pretty as usual. Lucky guy!: at least he can see her every day if he wants to!
See you in Africa. Gotta finish packing up.

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Wake up!!!

Another Day! (Stateless) (already told you)

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You, please dO wake up, and then you feel UnEqualLed!

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It feels really bloody Stateless, thanx to Yukimi Nagano

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Listen to this one, mates, and then you tell me: Another Day

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