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Been here for more than two months

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I'm writing a diary, but forgetting my blog. Doesn't matter: I'll mend it, promise.

I've just finished having breakfast: skyr (the Icelandic version of yoghourt, but millions of times better) with 100% pure milk, straight from the cows I work with, cheerios, half an apple and a bit of sugar. The important thing is not to avoid one of Iceland's most famous things: a spoon of Lýsi, that is, cod liver oil. My mother told horrible stories about how disgusting cod liver oil was when she was a child (children used to be given it every day), but once you get used to it it doesn't taste that bad, and as Óli says, if you don't have it one day, you'll get a cold the day after (don't ask me why).

It's a bit weird starting this new entry of my blog after a gap of over two months without having written anything, but I want to see the contrast (I already spoke about contrast in my first entry) between where I was and where I am now.

I get up at 6:45 every day, and go to the cowstable to start with the usual things. I clean, give the cows concentrate and hey, and help Óli (my boss, the farmer, and my "Icelandic father") milk all the cows (34).
I've only done this for more than two months and feel as if I had done it all my life. And I must say I love it. But I'll write about my tasks at the stable some other day.

Now, the question is: how am I feeling here? This is wonderful. I was with Manu last night (a guy from Salamanca I met at the Icelandic lessons) and I told him I feel as if I had found balance and peace in my life. I go to bed every night, close my eyes and sleep for hours as I had not slept for ages.
People are amazingly friendly and have a great sense of humour. There was this cow at the stable I was not particularly fond of called Ljá (she kicked me very often) and Óli decided she should be sent to the slaughter house (not because she kicked me, but because she was not giving enough milk). I know it will sound cruel, but a couple of days after, I was having a cup of tea in the kitchen, and Óli told me: "I gotta go to Selfoss, to the slaugther house. I'm taking Ljá back home". This is the kind of sense of humour I'm talking about.

I really must make and effort and keep writing about Iceland, because it really is worth it. But I'd better say bye for the moment. I will be back soon.

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I´ve been here for more than a month

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Yes, here I am.
After some weeks I can say I definitely live and work in Iceland.

I was in a car about three weeks ago, on the way from Selfoss to Reykjavík. After leaving Hveragerði, we went up a plateau covered with snow. Clouds of steam came out of geothermal power stations, and a line of snowed mountains sorrounded us. I felt the landscape took me out of the car, chewed me and spat me out into an oneiric place.

I hope I will have some more time to write about it soon, but believe me: so far, this is the most incredible experience I've had in many many years. The landscape is so different from all the places I had been to before, that sometimes it feels as if I was dreaming. Lava and ice, fire and snow, northern lights, volcanoes... It´s all so beautiful!

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Six days left in Vitoria.

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I haven't got there yet, but need to write some words before catching the plane. I'm interested in the contrast there'll be between my feelings today and the ones in a few weeks' time.
A month ago I didn't even expect I'd be here, right now, stuffing my backpack with gore-tex gear I'll be using very soon in the coldest place I've ever been to.
The whole story started at the end of last summer. I had just read a series of articles about Iceland by John Carlin, and thought to myself "I must be there". After a short research I found this Employment Agency called Ninukot. They offered work at farms, fisheries and hotels, and it didn't take me long to send them an application form. My choice was to work at a farm. However, by the beginning of last December, after having received no answer from the agency, I had just given up the idea of moving to Iceland. My plans seemed to get stuck in Vitoria, and the prospects for the beginning of this year were quite blue, since my sister was moving to Paris at the beginning of February, and I was going to have to stay in here, while she'd be enjoying her new life in one of my favourite places on Earth. Suddenly, one day I came back home from the school where I teach English and Spanish, checked my mail and found out I had been sent a job offer in Iceland. It took me only three days to ponder the proposal, but I finally decided it could be a chance I should never reject. Four days later, I had already told my boss I was leaving my job at her school and bought my ticket to Reykjavík.
And this is it, the beginning of a story that has not even started yet. The real beginning is just a few days ahead.

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