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Listening to GUs GUs (how predictable: Attention) Here we are!!!

overcast 15 °C

Been a long time since I last listened to this album!

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Two days and I'll be in Ceuta (hopefully)

Listening to Tiefflieger

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Here I am.
Just met Unai, Diego, Isa and Yolanda.
I'm right back home, after a Sunday visit to the centre of town (Vitoria), and it's almost 2am.
Everything seems to be in the right place. My friends too.
On the way back home, surrounded by the typical darkness you can only find in places like this at this time of the year, I considered several things: cows, friends, the political situation in the Basque Country (it really sucks!), music (Stateless and its album The Art Of No State keeps me busy enough), food (bacalao and its different recipes), Björk (and her forthcoming concert in Bilbao, next to the Guggenheim Museum), Paris (and its weather; a classic!) and the film written and directed by Miranda July I watched last night.
La chica de la biblioteca empieza a difuminarse en una nebulosa de olvido, producida por su falta de noticias... Quizás sea momento de pensar en que la principal razón por la que quiero volver a Islandia no era ella (inicialmente).
El tiempo tiene toda la capacidad de decidir.
"I don't owe you anything, mister..."
Besos, preciosa (in case you read this).

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14 days away from Iceland

Listening to Incredible, by Wagon Cookin

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I left Iceland 14 days ago.
First I went to Paris, to visit Inge, my sister, and be there with her until the end of her university term.
To be able to remember that extra boost of adrenaline getting on the the train or metro gives you when you don't have the ticket, I didn't even buy one for the trip between the Charles De Gaulle Airport and Denfert-Rochereau, close to the 13th district, where I was supposed to meet my sis. Either Line B is safe from ticket inspectors or I was simply lucky. The funny thing is that, while I counted the stations left to my destination, I was not nervous at all: I actually had quite clear in mind that if the inspector caught me, I'd simply say "I don't have any ticket, so how much do I have to pay?".
The meeting with Inge was great: I had imagined that moment thousands of times, since I think she's always been the one I've most missed during my whole stay in Iceland.

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Saturday night

Listening to the wind

overcast 6 °C

Jesús was supposed to be in Selfoss by now, but he's taken the wrong bus lines in Reykjavík and hasn't even got to the place where a guy told him last night to hitch-hike. His plan was to come to Selfoss as soon as possible (that is, after recovering from last night's excess in the Capital), but I guess we'll be a bit delayed.
The plan is as follows: there's a party at Lucie's house in Hveragerði, so we are going there, we're gonna enjoy ourselves bathing in the hotpot there is in the house, we're gonna drink some cans of Thule beer I bought this morning at Vinbuð (the Alcoholic Drinks State Monopoly), listen to music I am going to annoy them all with, have loads of chinwag, etc.
What am I doing tomorrow? Not working, definitely: day off!!! So i think I should get rid of the morning lazyness I'm sure I'll feel and drive to Rvík.

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The day after the match

Listening to Útvarp Reykjavík (Radio Reykjavík)

semi-overcast 5 °C

I went to the Icelandic course after picking Vera (Germany) and Manuel (Spain) up from their places. At the entrance of the school we go to we met Steffan (Germany) and Sebastian (Germany). While we were out there, enjoying the warm spring weather fading away into the cold of the new born night (and wearing sunglasses, to feel as if we were in warmer latitudes), two other classmates whose names I don't remember (from Thailand and Filipines), stepped off two huge cars, saying "bless, bless!" to their respective Icelandic husbands.
The first hour of the Icelandic lesson was pretty tiring, cause we were all tired by the time we got there (as every Wednesday). I remembered what Steffan said last week during the lesson: "Every day is Monday".
Suddenly, Anna Linda, the teacher, asked how many of us were married, and it was only the Asian girls who answered they were, after which I told Anna Linda that the rest of us had obviously come to Iceland because we were not married, meaning that if we had been married we wouldn't have been able to come here from our home countries. Anna Linda didn't consider that as what I really meant, and then she asked me if we had come here "to mate", and suddenly she looked at tha Asian girls and blushed within a matter of a second. Pretty embarrassing (for her, of course)...
After the first hour we had a break, and at the request of Manuel and Jesús (the other two Spaniards in the classroom), I asked Anna Linda if we could leave the lesson before the end, cause there was a football match between Spain and Iceland. I'm not really fond of football, but thought it'd be good to see such a match surrounded by furious Icelanders, wearing viking helmets and so. Surprisingly enough, Anna Linda agreed and let us three leave!
After three pints of Viking and a really boring match, Iceland didn't win, Spain didn't deserve to win, and we were not beaten up at the Pakkhúsid, the only pub in Selfoss, by all the dissapointed locals that had to stand our screaming and typical Spanish way of watching football during the whole match. They have an infinite patience, these Icelanders... I like them.

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